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Diploma Courses


Printing is actually a process for replicating images and text, with the help of ink on a paper with the use of press. Without printing technology the publication is not possible at all. It plays an important role in transaction and publishing printing, and is always carried out at a larger scale like industrial process. There is special technique in it called woodlock printing which is basically printing of images, text and patterns. This technique originated in China and first it was tried on textiles and later, on paper.

Syllabus and Duration of Printing Technology:

Diploma in printing technology is basically a two year course and is offered by many institutions. This course has four semesters, which are mentioned as below:

Semester - I: Subjects in first semester are as below:

Corel Draw, Computer Basis, Page Maker, Techno Seminar, Project Module, Essential of Technology in Printing, Photo Shop, Word processing and spread sheet

Semester – II: Subjects in second semester are as below:

Reproduction Photography, Offset Printing –I, Screen Printing, Surface preparation, Project module, Techno Seminars

Semester – III:  Subjects in third semester are as below:

Printer's Science, Offset Printing –II, Press Management, Printing Finishing, Project module, Techno Seminars

Semester – IV: Subjects in fourth semester are as below:

Flexography Printing, Gravure Printing, New Technologies in Printing, Flexible Packaging, Project module, Techno Seminars

There are many universities offering courses correspondence diploma as well as degree courses. A student can opt for any diploma course either in packaging technology or in public relations and advertising.

Career Opportunities:

After a student completes the course in printing technology, one can choose any career options from the below options:

  • Printing Presses under State and Central and govt.
  • Publishing houses under State and Central and govt.
  • Publishing houses jobs in private sector
  • Commercial printing presses involved in Flexography, Offset,Screen printing and Gravure
  • Pre-press solution for printing Industry
  • Security printing
  • Digital and Designing printing
  • Electronic publishing
  • Software solution used in print industry
  • Packaging
  • Color management solution
  • Machine manufacturing /service
  • Print converting and finishing
  • Total quality control
  • Research and development
  • Marketing/management executive                                                                                                                                                                 Printing industry is considered to be one of the fastest growing industries in the entire world. If a student has completed this course, then there is no need to worry about getting a job. There are so many job opportunities across the world. One can work as Registrar, General Manger, Professor, Director, Consultant, Production officer, Publication officer, Technical officer, Manager printing as well as Supervisor.

This is an evergreen field and has immense scope in terms of employment. One can easily get a good and decent paying job in any government department, publication house, magazines, banks and newspapers. If one wishes to seriously pursue this course, then it is necessary to search for the college/university, which is good in terms of teaching. It is also better to visit personally before enrolling in any university. The demand for this field will always be there, no matter how much technologies advance.

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List of Colleges offering Printing Technology Course Courses