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Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Legislative Law (BA.LLB) is a five year integrated law degree program. The applicant can apply for it straight after completing Class XII (10+2) passing from a recognized board of education in India. After its completion, students are eligible for the enrollment with the Bar Council of India upon the fulfillment of eligibility conditions. After carrying out these steps they become qualified to practice law as a lawyer.

Lawyers are not considered boring anymore and in fact their job is out of the ordinary, challenging and rewarding. Their work is about giving legal advice on a wide variety of issues. The job would comprise of counseling customers about legal choices and also representing them for civil or criminal proceedings in the court. You may work in courtrooms, but would have to work outside it too. Besides this, the career of the legal profession would offer incredible possibilities and prospects, especially for youth.

BA.LLB tags students with a professional degree in law. This program intends to produce graduates, who meet the aims and objectives of Bachelor of Law degree programs. A BA.LLB program is specially designed for the amateur law inspiring students having a fresh mind and ready to get molded for being expertise in legal Education and turning into qualified lawyers. Hence, they are purely dedicated and Inculcated in the sense of law and it’s Importance in people’s lives.

This degree offers students the benefit of exposure to multiple disciplines leading you to new avenues and newer opportunities in various areas of specialization in its field such as:-

  • Criminal law
  • Civil law
  • Administration law
  • Corporate law
  • Cyber law
  • Labor law
  • Constitutional law
  • Patent law
  • Minor Law
  • Environment Law
  • Income Tax Law

To study this course you can apply to Law universities or to individual law institutes, this program is offered easily nationwide, but make sure that the university is accredited by the University Grants Commission.

BA.LLB Course Details : BA.LLB course covers Arts subjects along with Law subjects. The syllabus for this program as the name suggests includes enriching curriculum in Art subjects like English, Political Science, Sociology, History, Economics etc. Along with the study of Indian law including in-depth learning of acts, constitutional rights, codes such as comprehensive knowledge about the Indian Penal Code and likewise.

This degree would not only provide you employment as a Government servant, Advocate, Public prosecutor, legal adviser, defense serviceman, but may also let you become a writer for law oriented journals and Magazines. Not even this much, you may take up LL.M further and can go for a teaching job in a law School or University if you have niche teaching skills.

Along with concentrated theoretical and academic learning, students are also encouraged to take up practical coursework such as Summer Internships, Short duration Training in law firms etc. which is an obligatory part of the curriculum. This gives hands on experience in the industry to young determined students.

The key to success for excelling in this profession is to specialize in proficiency, which can be obtained through experience and practice.

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List of Colleges offering Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Legislative Law (BA.LLB) Courses