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Bachelor of Legislative Law is abbreviated as L.L.B. It is an undergraduate degree course for teaching legal studies to law aspiring students. The duration of course varies. It could be a Five year course if you enroll directly after the completion of 10+2. While, it can also be a three year course if only you study law after already holding a graduate’s degree in another program.

Eligibility & Qualities Required

This course can be taken up right after the successful completion of 10+2 studies from a recognized institution, having an affiliated board system. Usually, the average minimum percentage required is 45%. However, it is advisable to check each university’s admission guidelines and norms separately, before initiating college application. The top ranking Law Universities and Law colleges in India follow a procedure of holding a National level common entrance test after which they allot the seats to the qualifying students.

Bachelor of Legislative Law (L.L.B) does not ask much from you, in order to excel in it. You must be able to study the course constantly by avoiding larger gaps. You must hold good communication and writing skills. Prepare yourself to have high concentration, sharp memory, attentiveness, rational Inquisitiveness, logical thinking and other such traits. Besides, you also should read regular Law related case studies and stay updated, especially about any recent changes in acts, laws or regulations etc.


Legal education comprises both, practical and theoretical aspects, to prepare you to be capable of having a successful legal profession in future. L.L.B ( LLB Course Details)academic program allows you to study subjects related to History, English, Economics, Political science, Sociology and others. It will also educate you about your country’s Constitution, International Law, Social Anthropology, Commercial law, International policies etc. Moreover, it balances the curriculum by adding practice of law, relevant internships and trainings, which is much needed.

Bar Council of India is India’s Law education regulating and supervising body. Ultimately Bar Council of India is the main governing body for any Legal education. It is above any Law teaching Institution or University. The regular degree holder of L.L.B is ought to go to Bar council of any state of India to meet with the compliance. Degree holders get consent to practice before the court and give legal advices, only if they obtain the license after meeting the standards mentioned by Bar council of India.

Furthermore, the undergraduate law degree holder can go for Post graduate degree level courses too. It is usually a two year program such as LL.M, and they focus on specializing you in a particular form of law. For example Criminal Law, Corporate Laws, Intellectual Property Rights Law and the rest.


Lawyer or Advocate is among the reputed professions of the world. Anyone having in-depth legal knowledge of Law is considered as an Intellectual. This could be an extremely lucrative profession for those who try even a little harder. After successful completion of LL.B legal degree and obtaining the License, there are numerous career options for the degree holders, in fact options more than ever.

They can go from being a Lawyer, Advocate, Solicitor, legal Advisers, Legal Writer for any journal, Government servant, Attorney Magistrate/ General, Legal representative, public prosecutor to other options in demand. If you complete your Doctoral or even Masters Degree and possess a teaching aptitude as well, you can certainly go making your career in academic line too.

Here at Best college hunt you can find the entire Bachelor of Legislative Law, LLB Course Details essentially required for your bright future ahead.

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