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Medical Courses


Ayurveda which literally means “The Science of Life” is a traditional system of medicine practiced since the ancient times. It is a traditional system of medicine which aids in the treatment of disease of the diseased in a healthy individual. Ayurveda uses herbs, diet,colors, aromas, life style changes, yoga, meditation and pancha karma therapy.

The treatment is based on tridoshas, the vatha, the pitta, and kappa which when in a balanced state leads to maintaining health and its imbalance or aggravation leads to various diseased conditions.

Ayurveda theory asserts that building a healthy metabolic system attaining good digestion and proper excretion leads to vitality. The importance of pancha karma therapy which includes virechana(purgation), vamana(inducing vomiting), abhyanga(massage), swedana(sweating) and basthi which aims at eliminating toxic elements from the body.

Ayurvedic Medicine Course in India ie, BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery) is a 5 and half years course which includes 1 year of rotatary internship. Unlike other parts of the world, this degree in traditional medicine is hardest to get and is equivalent in duration and curriculum to conventional modern medicine degree in India. The subject of modern system of medicine like anatomy, physiology, pathology, toxicology, forensic medicine, pharmacology, preventive medicine, ENT, psychiatry etc are being taught to the students along with the subjects of ayurveda. Thus a student of BAMS earns the knowledge of both modern medicine subjects and traditional ayurveda system of medicine, which gives him a better understanding about the patient, its examination diagnosis and its treatment.

Some of the ayurveda subjects are shareera rachana, shareera kriya, roga nidana, kaya chikitsa, kaumarabritya, shalya chikitsa, shalakya tantra, agada tantra, bhaishajya kalpana, rasayana, vajeekarana, pancha karma and bootha vidya.


Nearly, 80% of the population uses ayurveda exclusively or combined with modern medicine. In America, ayurveda medicine and therapies are used as a Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM). Ayurvedic medicine is even extensively practiced in Nepal, Australia, Malaysia, Russia, Canada, United Kingdom, Belgium and other countries.

An ayurveda doctor can get employed as medical officer/doctor at government and private ayurveda hospitals. One can set up his own practice of ayurveda at his private clinic. They can work as tutors in ayurveda colleges in the academic field. They are on high demand as consultants in Pancha Karma Centers. Ayurveda is a virgin field of research; one who wants to research has unlimited opportunities in ayurveda.

Today ayurveda is gaining much more importance with Pancha Karma Therapy being recognized worldwide. The increasing trend of SPAs all over the world has increases the scope of ayurveda doctors. Patients from all over the world travel to India, to receive ayurvedic treatment and Pancha Karma Therapy. More and more Pancha Karma centers are coming up for serving the tourists, especially foreigners. With the popularity of traditional alternative system of medicine, the demand for ayurveda doctors are on the rise.

For those who would like to continue their education after BAMS can pursue further studies with post graduation degree. MD - Doctor of Medicine (ayurveda) and MS - Master of Surgery (ayurveda) are the post graduate degrees conferred. There are various institutions which offer post graduation degree in ayurveda, which is of 3 years duration.

A BAMS doctor can work in following domains after completion of the degree.

  • General Practice
  • Research (Clinical research or epidemiological research)
  • Hospital and Healthcare Administration
  • Health Supervisor (As per High courts decision a BAMS doctor can work for the post of Health Supervisor)


The BAMS degree has four and half years of academic curriculum in Ayurveda College. After completing this degree, BAMS ayurveda doctors have to complete a one year of compulsory rotatory internship in Ayurveda hospitals.


Every candidate who wants to join BAMS should have completed 10+2 with science stream including subjects, physics, chemistry and biology with a minimum of 50% marks. The candidate must have attained a minimum of 17 years of age.

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