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Medical Courses


Master of Pharmacy or also called as M.Pharm is a postgraduate degree, which covers the preparation of the drugs, its dispensing and also proper consumption.

In India, Master of Pharmacy is offered as post graduate (graduate) course after completion of B.Pharma degree. The M.Pharma course is of two years duration. In some universities it is one year research and one year theory examination, while some offers M Pharm by research completely leading to doctorate degree. The course mainly concentrates on specialisation in the field of pharmacy. The M.Pharma courses are offered by pharmacy colleges affiliated to uniee leading to entry into the pharmacy profession.


Candidates who want to opt for Pharmacy in Masters, must have completed B.Pharm from an institution recognised by the Pharmacy Council of India with minimum of 50% marks in aggregate.

Private sector Jobs after Master of Pharmacy:

India is host to a lot of pharmaceutical companies at present which itself has made a mark nationally as well as internationally. They recruit professional students of Pharmacy to fill up the various new vacancies emerging in the organization. After the completion of this course, the candidate can register in State Pharmacy Council. This helps the candidate to start up their own pharmacy shops. Some of the other areas where Pharmacist can find jobs include:
Health Centers
Chemist Shops
Drug Control Administration
Pharmaceutical Firms
Educational Institutes
Sales and Marketing Department
Research Agencies
Food and Drug Administration

Government Sector Jobs after  Master of Pharmacy:

Pharmacists can also work in the government sector with all the similar profiles mentioned above. They can also find jobs in cosmetics and food industry where they will have to ensure the quality and the safety in using of the products. The candidates can also find some job vacancies in government laboratories operating in collaboration with some of the main private companies. The various central as well as state government departments where a Pharmacists can be employed with are:

  • The Health Protection Branch of the Department of the Health and Welfare
  • The Pest Control Division of  Agriculture sector
  • The Department of our National Defence
  • The Provincial Research Councils
  • The Provincial Departments of the Agriculture or the Environment.

Job Prospects in India and Abroad:

Master of Pharmacy graduates are also preferred in doing production work in pharmaceutical industry and also in pharmaceutical laboratories. The main responsibility of pharmacist in laboratories is to examine the purity and strength of the drugs which are manufactured.

In addition of having the job opportunities in India there are also many job options outside the country also. These graduates have great demand in international Companies also. The Companies offer them good remuneration packages for employees working in this sector. Companies located in European Countries are the major job providers outside India to these candidates.

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List of Colleges offering Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharm) Courses