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Universities in Andhra Pradesh View University List

Andhra Pradesh is located on the southeastern coast of India and is the fifth largest state in population. ‘Universities in Andhra Pradesh’ are well-known as they provide a wide diversity of educational opportunities to both domestic and external students. It is the fourth largest Indian state.

The primary language of the state is Telugu and other co-official languages are Hindi and Urdu. With its twenty plus renowned universities, Andhra Pradesh forms a reliable destination of higher education offering quality education.The State Council of Andhra Pradesh for higher education is popularly abbreviated as APSCHE and is one of the first in this kind of educational schemes in India. This educational program aims at providing student centered learning in all the universities in Andhra Pradesh. The project encourages the use of technology, high order thinking, productivity strategies, and research and communication tools to enhance learning among students as well as teachers. Most of the renowned institutions are located in Hyderabad, its capital city while others are fairly distributed throughout the state. Some of the promising Universities in Andhra Pradesh are:

  • Institute for Chemical Technology (I.I.C.T.)
  • Centre for Molecular and Cellular Biology (C.C.M.B.)
  • Institute of Technology (I.I.T.)
  • International Institute for Information Technology (I.I.I.T. – Hyderabad)
  • National Institute for Technology (N.I.T.)
  • School of architecture and planning
  • Tata Institute for Fundamental Research
  • Osmania University
  • Rajiv Gandhi University for Knowledge Technologies
  • N.T.R. University for Health Sciences
  • Indian School for Business (I.S.B.) studies
  • Institute for Hotel Management, Applied Nutrition and Catering Technology
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Technology
  • University of English and other Foreign Languages
  • Hyderabad Central University
  • NALSAR Law University

Andhra Pradesh has a literacy rate of 67.7% and many universities continuously work to provide best education to its residents.

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University, Srikakulam


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Dravidian University, Kuppam


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